Group Training

Group workouts tend to be a lot more fun than working alone. Coming to a class with people who share similar fitness goals as you can strengthen your own intrinsic motivations. And in a judgement-free atmosphere such as Focus MMA & Fitness, you’ll receive more motivation from your classmates than you had at the start!

Benefits of Group Training at Focus

Why should you work out in a group atmosphere? There are many great reasons, including:

  • Accountability and support from your classmates
  • Cardio and strength training every class
  • Motivation garnered from the collective group
  • Move at your own pace based on your individual level of fitness
  • Highly skilled, experienced trainers
  • Wide variety and schedule of classes

Our group classes are able to accommodate up to 50 people at once, so you never have to worry about arriving at our fitness center only to find the class you wanted is full. For those new to working out that may be a little nervous, a group class is a great way to learn proper techniques without being the center of attention.

Even though you may be in a large class during group training, our instructors give you the personal attention you need to improve your workout. We offer modifications and suggestions to improve your posture and skill, so you can get more out of every class.

Join Our Group Fitness Classes in Boca Raton for Fun Collaboration With Like-Minded People

We offer a variety of different styles of classes throughout each day Monday through Saturday, each offering unique benefits with the overall goal to strengthen and tone. Check out our calendar for a schedule of weekly class offerings in Boca Raton, then call 561-235-5024 to register for your first class for free today!