Personal Training

Tired of not getting the results you want though you’ve spent hours upon hours working out? Never been to a fitness center and simply don’t know where to start with all the odd-looking machines you’ve never seen before? Or perhaps you need the challenge and motivation that can only be provided by an expert trainer skilled at pushing you to your limits? These are all great reasons to work with one of our educated personal trainers at Focus MMA & Fitness.

Benefits of Personal Training at Focus

In addition to the knowledge you receive about proper technique, handling equipment, and how to live a healthier overall lifestyle, individual training offers many benefits. Personal training with our experienced instructors includes:

  • Accountability, motivation, and support from your trainer
  • Cardio conditioning
  • Improved flexibility and mobility
  • Personalized plans to help you meet your fitness goals
  • Strength training
  • Training that fits into your schedule

During your first personal training session, we perform a thorough physical assessment and medical history review to formulate a training plan that is tailored to your personal needs. It focuses on improving your cardiovascular endurance with anaerobic exercises, increasing your flexibility to expand your range of motion, and gaining muscle through functional strength training.

Personal Training in Boca Raton On Your Schedule

Taking care of your fitness needs is just as important as eating healthy and getting a good night’s sleep. Focus offers flexible hours outside of normal business hours to make it as easy as possible for you to fit exercise into your busy schedule.

Ready to take your workouts up a notch, learning better techniques, being held accountable, and giving you the motivational push you need? Call us today at 561-235-5024, or stop by our MMA and fitness center to schedule your session with one of our amazing personal trainers in Boca Raton!